Over the Fence and Never Turning Back


Album Release Show

Whew, 2019 has been a busy year – a creative culmination of almost a decade of work, coming together to become one album – “Bridges” – set to release on September 14, 2019 at the Starry Plough!  I’m excited to play a bill with some amazing Bay Area bands – Wayfairy, Heather Normandale, and Briget Boyle! There’s one more treat coming up before then to get you all pumped for the album, so keep your eyes peeled!


House Upon a Hill Out Now!


My newest single “House Upon a Hill” is out now on Bandcamp! In addition, my last single “Montagues and Catapults” got a very kind review from The Deli Magazine SF.

“Wang’s music feels like the soundtrack to a powerful moment and listening, watching, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed in the right kind of way.” – Michelle Kicherer, The Deli Magazine

The song is a true melding of widely varied influences, with simple folk melodies backed by a band and string quartet throughout. A mythological house upon a hill, a sort of fountain of youth, offers respite to all who come. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that it is not magic or other-wordly power which heals, but a community gathering to enjoy good food, music, and company. Check it out, and keep an eye out for details of the CD Release show September 14 at the Starry Plough!


An Orchestra of Sound

A cascade of music and transformational sounds for your ears TOMORROW! Not only do I get to play my songs with my very talented friends and colleagues of the Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra (CAPO), I also get to accompany my fellow CAPOist Matt Montgomery (who also plays in the Ariel Wang band!) and two of my favorite bands, Yassou and Meernaa (who is also releasing an album!). I hope to see you there – buy tickets early for discount (and in case they sell out!).



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Montagues and Catapults


My new single is out! Montagues and Catapults is a critique on how society so easily buys in to greed, vitriol, dishonesty, gluttony, and environmental destruction in order to fuel our desire to hate others, and a call for the disaffected and disillusioned to lay down their walls and cross picket lines so they can join to fight these poisons with compassion, patience, generosity, and gratitude.

I am so incredibly grateful to all those who have helped make this possible! Thank you so so much for breathing life into my fantastical whims.

Ariel Wang – songwriter, guitar, vocals, violin
Lewis Patzner – cello
Terrell Liedstrand – mandolin
Matt Montgomery – violin (solo)
Kevin Gordon – bass
Tim DeCillis – drums
Corey Mike – violin (intro)
Mia Bella D’Augelli – violin
Jacob Hansen-Joseph – viola

Recorded and mixed by: John Finkbeiner at New, Improved Studios
Mastered by Myles Boisen

Get Cozy and Party!

There’s nothing I love more than a good house show – there is much less boundary between artist and audience, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and everyone is there to have fun and enjoy good music. That’s why I am so stoked to be having my single release show at the legendary Ridgeway House, home to musicians for almost three decades. The era is ending, as the tenants are soon to be kicked out, so I feel extra blessed that they have made room for a show for me and some of my favorite bands – Little Arcs, La Dee Da, and Whiskerman. This will also be a music video shoot, so don’t forget to see if you make the final cut! See you all there!


Moonstruck Kingdom

On May 18, I will be playing a secret show, as part of the Moonstruck concert series, with Lewis Patzner (cello/composer), Jaren Feeley (organizer, pianist, composer), Noor Al-Samarrai (poet), and the band Little Arcs. I will be premiering a brand new collection of pieces reflecting the various aspects of Oakland, as well as performing some songs.

For map, please visit: Moonstruck Community

Looking Forward

The recording process is almost over, and it’s time for mixing. In between sessions, the band and I took a hike with photographer Brittany Powers up into Sibley, a lesser-known park in the East Bay hills but, in my opinion, the most beautiful and adventurous.

Gazing into Sibley

shot by Brittany Powers

Every time I go into these hills, I am inspired by the beauty and majesty of nature. Here it’s easy to hide from civilization and find my inner animal, and through that, the music.

First, there will be two singles, and then, an album release – set for September (when else is better to show the harvest?). Can’t wait to share these new sounds with all of you!