Over the Fence and Never Turning Back

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Looking Forward

The recording process is almost over, and it’s time for mixing. In between sessions, the band and I took a hike with photographer Brittany Powers up into Sibley, a lesser-known park in the East Bay hills but, in my opinion, the most beautiful and adventurous.

Gazing into Sibley

shot by Brittany Powers

Every time I go into these hills, I am inspired by the beauty and majesty of nature. Here it’s easy to hide from civilization and find my inner animal, and through that, the music.

First, there will be two singles, and then, an album release – set for September (when else is better to show the harvest?). Can’t wait to share these new sounds with all of you!


Music more Music

As some of you know, I am also a violinist/fiddler, and I’ve been playing with a group called the Composer Arranger Performer Orchestra for over a year now. We are becoming much more active, and have a great show planned this coming April 13, 2019, at 8:00pm at Peralta Station Annex (3003 Peralta Street, Oakland). We will be playing two of my songs (one which has never been played before) backed by an entire string orchestra! And, as this is a group of composers, arrangers, and performers, we will be playing exclusively pieces written by and/or arranged by members of the group, including Lewis Patzner, Crystsal Pascucci, Kevin Gordon, Matt Montgomery, Brian McCune, and more! If you want to listen to unique, home-grown music, and support DIY Bay Area music, this is the hot spot. See you there!