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In Rooms coming to town…

Being in school makes summer even more special again. I love what I do there, playing chamber music and in the orchestra, taking private lessons, surrounded by people who are work really hard on their craft. Summer, though, is the time for self-direction and extended creativity (or, I have tons of free time now). I’ve also just moved, and for once have a specific room designated to the playing and creating of music and art.

I’ll be bringing new tunes to you at the Octopus Literary Salon on August 2nd, with my special talented bandmates Terrell Liedstrand and Nick Nirva. The show begins at 7:00pm, and opening up the night is Des Moines band In Rooms, followed by the very talented Rebecca Kleinmann & Alex Conde. I play last, but come early! The night of music is absolutely worth it.

Poster and Photo by Ariel Wang