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Cat Faze

I’ve been in my cat phase. Sometimes I’ve got my cat face, and I feel a little cat faze. In this intrepid space of my life the muse came, and so birthed the compositions in this new compilation of tunes.

Before and since the first studio session with Jonah Strauss (Shipwreck Studio), much activity has influenced and culminated into what this EP release show (June 5th, at the Starry Plough) has come to be.

– Lewis Patzner (Judgement Day, La Dee Da) and Harrison Murphy (Harry & the Hitmen, Sun Hop Fat) added cello and keys respectively, giving the songs a new flavor while staying true to their core. Some of the songs will be played live (and possibly the only time ever) in the same configuration as on the album.

– The original Shipwreck Studio was destroyed by damages caused by a fire in the building which also killed two people (Donate to help restore Shipwreck here). The magic which has happened in this place, and for this EP, is stored only in memory. Don’t worry, Jonah is still recording though!

– Terrell Liedstrand, although best known as the guitarist for rock hip-hop group Forrest Day, is also a talented songwriter, mandolin player, fiddler, banjoist, and beat boxer. His songs have lingered in many living rooms and forrest gatherings, and will open up the night.

– Many fortuitous events led me to experience La Dee Da, known for Rosie Steffy’s creative songwriting, strong vocals and Wurlitzer leading a flute (Rebecca Kleinmann), cello (Lewis Patzner), bass (Aaron Handler), and drums (Daniel “Fletch” Fleischer). This article tells it much better than I could. “…let them create a soundtrack to your dreams that flurries between realms like a dragonfly through jungle, desert and rainforest.”

– I met my drummer, Melissa Killkuskie (Cave Clove), while playing violin for a live puppet show at a farm up north, and ended up house sitting for her when I was homeless many months back (the life of artists in the Bay Area have been tricky these past few years). This will be our charmed number third show together, and she’s keeping the band tight. She also introduced me to Cougar on a Meth Binge, up and coming trip-folk band which will also be rocking the night.

– The Starry Plough was my home pub for many years, and is where my entire music career began. My first experiences on stage as a singer-songwriter were at their tuesday open mics, and it is an honor to release my new EP at a venue known as a hub for all music, all ages, regulars, wanderers, drinkers, and thinkers.

Come to the show and let’s party!