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New Year at Wang Headquarters


This is going to be one hell of a year. We’re kicking it off headlining at Doc’s Lab on January 16, with power woman Kendra McKinley and power duo Gospel Flats opening the night. I’ll be hitting the stage with old friends, Terrell Liedstrand (Forrest Day) and Harry Murphy (Harry & the Hitmen, Sun Hop Fat), as well as new, Nick Nirva and Melissa Killkuskie (Cave Clove).

Then, it’ll be studio time at Shipwreck working with the brilliant Jonah Strauss.  I’ll be lucky to have both Terrell Liedstrand and Lewis Patzner (Judgement Day, La Dee Da) backing me up. Keep an eye out for a planned EP Release show this summer! Then I’ll be going on my first tour up and down the west coast. No worries though, I’ll be playing more shows around the bay before then.

Business aside, I’ve always experienced the New Year as a time to reflect on the past, and also hope for the future. The first rehearsal of the year was rocky, with last minute emergencies happening to most of the band members, and it turned into more of a hang session with Harry Murphy, the person who’s been jamming with me from the beginning and encouraged me to pursue this project. It’s truly a blessing to have friends who stick with you, and even though he took a hiatus for a bit, he instantly said yes to playing with me at my last show. It was nice to catch up, our first time really since we both moved out of the same house we shared with Terrell and other close friends months back. Now, with a couple of new friends in tow, I am looking forward to the future of this music project, and the ever-expanding list of amazing people it’s brought me to. With an EP in the works, a tour in planning, and shows booked around the bay for the next few months, I’m excited for this upcoming year and what it has in store. Stay posted!