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Good Friday with the Papa

I got to spend Good Friday hanging out with Papa Bear of Papa Bear and the Easy Love and his good friend Michael from The Mowgli’s filming a cover of the song “He said Not a Mumblin’ Word.”  Mark Sandusky did such a great job capturing us (and Jesus!).   I’m not religious but this is such a beautiful song, and really fuels the spirit.  Feeling incredibly lucky to have such good company!

Enter the Stork Club

Dive bars are some of my absolute favorite places to hang.  They’re usually a little funky, a little dark, and filled with people who are just a little off-kilter.  Just my type.  So you can understand why I’m incredibly stoked to be playing at one of my favorite dives in Oakland, the Stork Club, one of those venues/bars where moms and dads remember going on dates and seeing (depending on age of said moms and dads) a good country show or screamers.

Come hang and check out an awesome strange little wonderland!

Stork Club Show